The Undeniable Genius Behind Russell Brunson’s Business Strategy

How a state-champion wrestler managed to build the foundations for a billion dollar internet empire, by selling potato-guns, while still in college.

- And how YOUR business can learn from it and use it to firmly position itself in the futue of content focused selling.

If you are an industry insider, expert-business entrepreneur or just anyone who sells your services and/or products online, then chances are that you’ve heard the name Russell Brunson before. Russell has spent the past 19 years building a following of 1 million+ entrepreneurs, become a New York Times Bestselling Author, Co-founded a comprehensive SAAS company called Clickfunnels, which is used by thousands of entrepreneurs, popularized the concept of sales funnels and helped make 1033 millionaires by offering his expertise. These results are not at all typical, and the reason may not be what you think. You see, not only has Russell managed to do what every successful entrepreneur is good at — predicting future trends. He also managed to couple this with certain psychological principles that exist within each and every human being and managed to leverage it to completely future-proof his company and his personal brand.

Russell is first and foremost an expert at mapping out sales funnels and making them work, regardless of the industry. Russell has written 3 highly popular books that describe the exact techniques he uses time and time again to build a winning funnel. They are:

- DotComSecrets

This book shows how to build a scalable business online and how to potentially make it profitable from day one.

- Expert Secrets

This book explains how to build a mass following who will line up and listen to you and buy your advice.

- Traffic Secrets

This book explains how to acquire customers online and how to offer them exactly what they’re looking for.

These 3 books equip the reader with the knowledge necessary to model what Russell has done and the results clearly show that it works, but still, Russell seems to be 1 in a million. So what is it Russell has managed to pull off that others can’t seem to emulate quite the same way?

The genius behind Russell’s business strategies is that he manages to leverage his highly advanced funnel expertise to virtual public infinity by combining it with 3 concepts that are the secret behind every truly successful and groundbreaking universal idea throughout the ages.

They are:

1. Working for a definite cause.

2. Giving people a new opportunity

3. Showing people the way out of an undesirable place by combining 1 and 2.

Most importantly, he manages to pull this off by having trained himself to be a leader with charm and devotion to his purpose. This is an age-old method with a potential of a magnitude that most people, for some reason are content with remaining mostly oblivious to.

Someone not familiar with the psychology behind leadership might be astounded when told how much people are essentially begging to be led to an answer to pressing problems in their lives. By leveraging his expertise and making a mass movement with a “higher purpose” of it Russell is able to greatly expand his reach. He is invited to podcasts by other highly prolific people. He is invited to talk at events. His powerful branding sells itself, and he attracts thousands of affiliates wanting to be associated with his brand(s) in some way.

Another highly prolific and public figure is pulling this off too in this day and age. Elon Musk is one of the most popular entrepreneurs of all time. Whether you like him or not, the man is a genius, and he has managed to pull these same 3 principles off with his companies. Tesla is working on solving a looming existential threat to our planet and our civilization, by offering a new opportunity (Sustainable transportation) to humanity, and then showing people the way out of the ‘vehicle’ (quite literally) that they’re in, and putting them into another. This is the secret behind every mass movement ever created on earth.

To get back to Russell. He unites the masses of people at several levels of expertise. Stating with those who may be looking for some encouragement in their lives and someone who can show them the way out of an undesirable situation. More advanced clients are offered comprehensive training programs that an organization may use to train their marketing teams, for example. Russell and his team also offer to train an organization directly, or even build a funnel for a client.

According to the future of content lies not in publishing more of the same. We live in an age where the ‘individual among many’ is becoming more and more the norm. People still want to make their own purchasing decisions, but they also want to show the world that they’re part of something bigger than themselves. Something with values, ideas and a future that they can agree with and wear with pride. Getting back to my example with Elon Musk; Tesla does exactly that. Tesla enthusiasts absolutely LOVE this company and will go to great lengths to defend it. When you are truly enthusiastic about something you make it your own and are ready to do everything to nurture, defend and keep it alive, and this is exactly the kind of mass attention that brands compete for. Russell managed to see this coming way back in college. When he launched Clickfunnels, he already had fans lining up to buy it. By combining his funnel expertise with the mass movement principles he’s managed to future proof his brands and his own persona.

Others too can pull this off in their business if they manage to combine some kind of efficient and exciting new opportunity that goes above and beyond what no longer works, and then combine it with the mass movement principles.

In Russell’s example, it was the popularization of sales funnels as the new opportunity that would help entrepreneurs achieve success online.

If you want to learn more about how these 3 principles can help you in your business, then I highly recommend reading expert secrets by Russell Brunson. You can get the book HERE. The book itself is FREE. You only pay for shipping and handling.

You will learn how to implement the 3 principles I’ve talked about today. You will also learn the more advanced tweaks and techniques to make them work and you will find inspiration to start your own expert based business online and how to quickly get your message out to the marketplace.

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